Review article

The influence of complex filler on the properties of varnish-and-paint thermal insulation coating






The paper presents data on the development of an effective thin-layer thermal insulation coating designed for improving thermal efficiency of exterior enclosing structures and based on styrene acrylic dispersion and fillers mixture of aluminosilicate microspheres and water-aluminum paste. These materials are made of viscous-liquid compositions, which harden after application on the structure surface forming a coating with low thermal conductivity and ability to reflect thermal radiation. There is substantiated a selection of raw materials and some results of the relation between mixture, and properties of high-filled coating composition based on styrene acrylic dispersion are presented in the article.


Akulova M. V. Ivanovo State Polytechnic University

Zimakova G. A. Tyumen Industrial University

Panchenko Yu. F. Tyumen Industrial University

Panchenko D. A. Tyumen Industrial University

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