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To the issue of calculating the stability of open pit slopes reinforced with ground nails








In the practice of design, various methods of reinforcing the pit walls are used, wherein the technique for selecting the parameters has now been sufficiently elaborated. However, the technique involving the usage of the ground nail reinforcement is hardly mentioned in the domestic literature. The article discusses the problem of estimating the stability of the excavation pit slopes reinforced with ground nail rods. The values of the maximum vertical stresses are determined regarding possible «cutting» of the soil with the lateral surface of the reinforcing element. The results of stability calculations obtained by the simulation of nail rods with structural elements of the «nail», «geo-grid» and «plate» types, taking into account the reinforcement of the excavation pit wall surface are compared.


Vostrikov K. V. Siberian Transport University

Belyakov L. O. Siberian Transport University

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