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The issues concerning the placement of cement concrete layer of variable stiffness in the design of road clothes








The article considers the problem of efficient performance of the road structure with asphalt concrete pavement and cement concrete base. There has been made an analysis of materials concerning the stiffness regulation of road pavement by means of placing the cement concrete base layer in the pavement structures. It is shown that further improvement of the theory of regulating the pavement stiffness should be focused on the development of construction schemes such as «clip» («lenticular»), in which the upper and lower layers have more modules than the intermediate one. Of particular importance, including the situation with the repair of asphalt concrete pavement, is currently the assessment of the direct connection between the asphalt covering and a concrete bearing layer combined with it or separated with a layer of cement.


Klekovkina M. P. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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