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Krestovsky Island: urban development problems








The article states in detail the history of Krestovsky Island in Saint Petersburg from the beginning of the XVIII century till the 2000-s. The authors point out a special legal status of the area, which used to be a private property up to 1914. It is shown that the territory`s later building development was influenced by various political and historical circumstances. There is submitted a description of the plan which had been developed in the pre-war period and aimed at creating in the area a zone for recreation and sport activities. However, this plan was not entirely completed. It is pointed out that in the late 1990-s, a haphazard residential building development of the area took place there, which led to distortion of the historical urban landscape and impeded realization of certain architectural ideas.


Dayanov R. M. Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. E. Repin

Zalmanzon A. M. LLC "Baltic Restoration Board"

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