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Mathematical model of the vibrational displacement of granular media by two transportation tool walls oscillating in antiphase (Part 2)








The paper presents a continuation of the first half of mathematical description of vibrational displacement of granular material layer placed between two vibratory conveyor working tool walls oscillating in antiphase. There are given equations of motion of the elements of the "material layer - vibratory conveyor working tools" system in the period of the motion, when the viscoelastic model of the material layer contacts only the lower working tool, and at the stage of motion, when the model makes free motion (flight) relative to both of them. The equations obtained in the first and second parts of this work constitute the basis for solving the applied problems and research work aims related to the modelling of dynamics processes of displacement and interaction of the granular medium layer with transport-technological machine working tools oscillating in antiphase.


Sizikov V. S. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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