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Mathematical modeling of vibrational displacement of granular media by two transportation tool walls oscillating in antiphase (Part 1)






The paper is concerned with the first part of the mathematical descriptions of the process of vibrational transportation of granular media enclosed between two working tools’ walls oscillating in antiphase. The author has worked out design schemes and equations of elements` motion of the system model "material layer - vibratory conveyor’s working tools" in the period of the layer deformation at the stage when its joint motion is in touch with both working tools and at the stage when its joint motion is in touch with one of the working tools. For the presented stages of motion of the system elements, there are equations for determining the moments of transition between them. The built mathematical model permits to evaluate the parameters of displacement of the material layer and working tools with account for their mutual influence on each other at the viewed stages of motion.


Sizikov V. S. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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