Review article

Method of calculating the slit rigid structures for controlling water-rock debris flows








The use of slit rigid dams for controlling debris flow is limited due to the problems associated with making calculations. The article provides the results of the study aimed at improving the design quality of slit dams for controlling stony debris flows. The proposed method of calculation consists of two groups of calculations, namely, hydraulic and static calculations. By means of hydraulic calculations, such parameters are determined as the debris basin volume (solid component), the height of the elements and the distance between them; the distance between the structures at the cascade arrangement of several structures in the flow; degree of the base local erosion. Static calculations are aimed at determining the parameters needed in evaluating the strength characteristics of slit dams to control debris flows. Apart from the main loads acting upon river hydraulic structures, it is necessary to assess the magnitude of the debris flow impact, the static pressure of the deposited solid component of the previously passed debris flow, as well as the total (static and dynamic) pressure of the moving debris flow. The proposed calculation method will allow reducing the time spent on the design work, as well as properly estimating the main parameters of the slit dams to control debris flows.


Sukhlyaeva L. A. Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University

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