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Method of determining the concrete mixture plasticity








The article is devoted to the development of a method of determining the plasticity of low-mobile concrete mixtures used in continuous formless molding. An original technique of assessing the plasticity is proposed, involving the bending of a freshly molded unset sample until cracking starts on the external surface. To implement the proposed method, an instrument is designed and manufactured, a distinctive feature of which is flexible equipment that allows bending the sample, providing uniform stretching of the concrete mixture on a significant portion of the external surface of the sample, which is confirmed experimentally. The parameter of plasticity evaluation «ultimate tensibility of concrete mix» is introduced, and the test procedure for determining this parameter has been developed. The first studies on the effect of cement consumption and nano-modified plasticizer on the plasticity of fine-grained concrete mixture confirming the operability and accuracy of the developed method were carried out.


Khrenov G. M. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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