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Methodological approach to selecting rational forms of plots in cities and towns with a view of renovation






The article presents a methodological approach to substantiation of rational segments of territories for mass housing development (TMHD) intended for reconstruction with the aim of bringing them into line with contemporary standards and requirements. The basis for substantiating the form of the plots of urban areas for the reconstruction is on the principle of similarity of physical and moral deterioration rates, the number of storeys in residential buildings located in the areas envisaged to be renovated. This is because the principle, on the one hand, implements one of the major needs of society in a safe and comfortable residential buildings, and on the other hand, contributes to the typification of accepted constructive and organizational-technological solutions in the design of the renovation of residential buildings in the relevant segment of the urban area. The methodological approach includes the combination of several techniques, such as: model representation of territories of mass housing development in the form of a system, namely, a system of complex urban formation (SCUF); the indicators of the physical and moral deterioration of the SCUF and its components; methods of generating SCUF; methods of evaluating effectiveness of selected options; the method of selecting rational options of the SCUF from the generated options.


Matreninskiy S. I. Voronezh State University Architecture and Civil Engineering

Mishchenko V. Ya. Voronezh State University Architecture and Civil Engineering

Kozak O. S. Voronezh State University Architecture and Civil Engineering

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