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Modernization of the design solution of the horizontal joint of the floor slabs in the beam-free frames using seamless loop-shaped embedded parts








There is proposed an updated design solution of horizontal joint of the floor slabs for CUB and UIKSS beam-free frames using PFEIFER loop-shaped embedded fixings. On the basis of numerical modeling, the features of its stress strain behavior during shear operation are revealed. The horizontal joint of prefabricated floor slabs with seamless looped-shaped embedded parts has been modernized and an analytical expression to determine its compliance based on the analysis of the results of numerical simulation of the shear has been obtained. There is presented a comparative analysis of the calculation results and experimental data, proving the adequacy and applicability of the proposed calculation expression and the applicability of the design solution. The new design solution of the horizontal joint of floor slabs simplifies the technology of slab installation, and its shear suppleness can be assessed as a positive factor for the construction industry.


Mironova Yu. V. Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering Kazan, Russia

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