Review article

Numerical modelingof a composite section element from thin-walled profiles taking into account the initial geometric imperfections








The article describes the process of numerical simulation of a composite symmetric section element made of thin-walled Sigma profiles operating under conditions of longitudinal compressive force with bending, taking into account the initial geometric imperfections. At numerical modeling, the main criterion of the load-bearing capacity exhaustion in case of eccentric compression is the stability loss in one of the forms. However, for thin-walled elements, the loss of local stability does not mean that the load-bearing capacity is completely exhausted, since the element continues to carry the load, but to a lesser extent. Therefore, simulation was carried out in two stages: initially, in the elastic formulation, the possible buckling modes were determined, afterwards, there was made calculation on the deformed pattern taking into account possible imperfections.


Prostakishina D. A. Industrial University of Tyumen

Korsun N. D. Industrial University of Tyumen

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