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Numerical simulation of concrete filled steel tube columns with circular sections


69.07, 69.04, 624.016






The article presents a description of computational model of concrete filled steel tube (CFST) column loaded at abutting ends with compressive force with eccentricities that are not equal to each other, and submits a comparison of the results obtained in this way with the experimental data. In order to create the computational model, there was used the ANSYS program complex. The novelty of this study is that an attempt has been made to apply the Drucker-Prager model known for adequate description of concrete behavior in condition of triaxial stress state, in combination with a nonlinear steel behavior model beyond the proportionality limit and with a specific nature of loading, in which it is possible to create a model that provides a satisfactory coincidence of the experimental data with the calculated ones by the bearing capacity.


Vedernikova A. A. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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