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Problems of raising foreign investments in the projectsof public-private partnership








To eliminate the discrepancy between the significant financial needs of the spheres of economic activity of the Russian Federation and the unsatisfactory structure of the economy (which leads to instability in the implementation of PPP projects), it is necessary to intensify investment activities aimed at modernizing the sectors of the economy and the social sphere. From this perspective, foreign investment could play an important role providing additional capital and technology flows. Among the measures applied in the Russian Federation for the development of interaction between business and the state in the course of implementation of PPP projects, there are no measures aimed at foreign participants. Participants of PPP projects need to develop methodological support for ensuring efficiency of PPP projects with foreign participation. Development of the methodology for implementation of PPP projects with foreign participation a priori involves the study of trends in raising foreign investment in the country's economy.


Ofin V. P. JSC ”Petersburg - Dorservice”

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