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Reconstruction of buildings of Orthodox templesin Saint-Petersburg






This paper examines the experience of reconstruction of temples at the beginning of the XXI century in Saint-Petersburg. As an example, the author describes the restoration of some Orthodox churches in their historical location, namely, the temple-chapel founded in honor of Saint Equal to the Apostles Queen Tamara in Krasnoe Selo, Cathedral of Saint Ekaterina in Pushkin, Saint Spiridoniy Trimifuntsky Church in Lomonosov. The study also includes for the analysis Chapel of Pokrov of Saint Theotokos Saint-Ioann’s monastery, Church of Smolenskaya Icon of Theotokos in Pulkovo, which are recreated cathedrals located in a new place. The examples of partially reconstructed churches include the Church of the Resurrection of Christ near Smolensky orthodox cemetery and Serafim Sarovsky church in Oranienbaum. The study is aimed at creating a classification of the main methods of church reconstruction. Problems arising in the course of restoration are considered and criteria for the feasibility of reconstruction are determined.


Chainikova O. O. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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