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Removal of oil products from the model wateron the layer of expanded perlite in a bulk filter


628.543: 504






The article presents the results of the author's long-termed research on the study of expanded perlite to be used in the pressure bulk filter in the process of oil containing wastewaters treatment. The laboratory investigations on filter-sorption properties of expanded perlite for the purpose of deep fine treatment of oil containing water were carried out. The effect of fractional composition of expanded perlite, concentrations and oil products phase state in water, water temperature, hydrodynamic conditions as well as sorbent contact time with feed water on the degree of extraction of oil products is identified. The application field for expanded perlite different fractions is defined both for rough and fine mechanical treatment. In dynamic conditions, values of oil capacity of expanded perlite are determined for the mixes of fractions 2 … 5 and 5 … 15 mm, and along with this, oil products were partly irreversibly absorbed by the material. Basic data for development of purification technology of oil-containing sewage are determined, where it is offered to use a layer of expanded perlite of relevant fractions as industrial filters loading for rough and fine mechanical treatment.


Vardanyan M. A. Bratsk State University

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