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Research of factors affecting the internal resistanceof automobile storage batteries








The study of the factors affecting the internal resistance of automobile storage batteries will reduce the negative consequences of sudden failures. Despite the large number of publications on this subject, there are almost no studies in which the change of structural and diagnostic parameters is investigated by means of physical modeling of batteries` characteristic failures. The purpose of this work is to analyze the change in the internal resistance of automobile storage batteries based on data processing in the mode of starter discharge. As a result of the study, it was experimentally established that the value of the internal resistance of automobile storage batteries is affected by the electrolyte temperature, operating time, the degree of charging and the degree of serviceability. The author proposes a mathematical model of the battery internal resistance taking into account the change of operation factors. The practical use of this model will allow assessing the technical condition of the automobile storage battery on board the vehicle.


Puzakov A. V. Orenburg State University Orenburg, Russia

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