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Research of joint performance of support steel shore and precast concrete foundation with an experimental method and application of mathematical FEM-modeling


624.046.5, 539.3






The purpose of this work was to study the joint work of the structural system «support - demountable reinforced concrete foundation of a new type - foundation soil» under static load. For this purpose, two methods of research - experimental and computer FEM-modeling - were used in the implementation of three interrelated stages: at the first stage, the system was designed in compliance with regulatory requirements and preliminary numerical calculation in the Lira-CAD; at the second stage, an experimental study of the considered system was carried out, which made it possible to get an idea of its real performance and data for subsequent verification and improvement of the mathematical FEM model in «ANSYS»; at the third stage, this design system was subjected to more detailed mathematical FEM modeling taking into account the nonlinear properties of materials. It is established that the joint work of the shore with the foundation is provided. The pliability of the conjugation of the prisms that make up the foundation has not had a significant impact on the stress-strain behavior of the system as a whole. A new type of demountable foundations is recommended for use in real conditions.


Sabitov L. S. Kazan State Power Engineering University

Kuznetcov I. L. Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

Badertdinov I. R. Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

Radaikin O. V. Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

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