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Some principles of normalization of multi-level design of structures with specified parameters of limit states








The article presents a method for calculating the seismic resistance at multi-level design of structures, in which as a result a scenario of damage accumulation in the structure from earthquakes is created. The level of calculated impact for various limit states is set for various limit states and the criteria for transitions to limit states are described. The limit states of structures are considered at calculating for the impact of design earthquakes (DE) on the structure performance. Criteria for limiting plastic deformations, energy intensity, and damage are considered for maximum calculated earthquake (MCE).To assess the damage rate, the use of damage spectra of the structure is proposed. A variant of using the linear-spectral method (LSM) for estimating the seismic stability of structures at different limit states is presented.


Nazarova Sh. Sh. Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University St. Petersburg, Russia

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