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The spread of «Swiss style»in the suburban architecture of Saint Petersburg








«Swiss style» as an international phenomenon of the romanticism era has imposed a considerable impact on the suburban architecture of St. Petersburg. The article presents a description of two periods of the style existence: the middle of the XIX century, when this style popularity was at its peak, the bright examples referring to this period, apart from cottages, were park pavilions of the aristocracy, and the late XIX - early XX centuries, when the style popularity was in its decline, which occurred during intensive cottage construction in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The influence of the «Swiss style» is manifested through application of the chalet elements in the architecture of summer cottages not only during the period of the style greatest popularity, but also in the early XX century and even later, in subsequent decades.


Rybalchenko M. V. Ltd «NIiPISpetsrestavratsiya» St. Petersburg, Russia

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