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Structural designs from polymer materials for coverings of buildings and structures subjected to chemically aggressive environment. Part 1. Strength and deformability in a stationary thermal field


624.011.2, 691.175.5.743






The article considers large-span cross-core spatial designs (CCSD) of polyvinyl chloride pipes intended for coverings. Cross-core spatial designs (CCSD) of regular cellular structure are widely used in domestic and foreign construction for large-span coverings of buildings and structures of various purposes. A distinctive feature of the CCSD is a multiple repeatability of elementary rectangular, triangular and other types of cells formed by the same type of rods. Rectangular and circular rod plates with point support are considered. Dynamics of changes in internal forces and deflections in circular plates is demonstrated.


Fedosov S. V. Ivanovo State Polytechnic University

Malbiev S. A. RANS

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