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Taking account of initial filtration gradient in calculating linear-extensive impervious structures erected by the "wall in trench" construction method








The article discusses a method of calculating the basic design parameters of linearly-extended impervious constructions of the perfect watertight «wall» type with account of the initial filtration gradient of the filler material. It is shown that the crucial point in the calculation of permeability to water of the «wall» is the value of the initial gradient of filtration, and not the filter coefficient, as it is customary in the normative documents. These structures are used to locally reduce the groundwater levels within the enclosed contour (namely, construction pit) instead of using traditional methods of protection from flooding of the quarries or the environment from harmful effluent from the tailings pond. The existing calculation method contained in the normative documents, does not take into account the value of the initial gradient, which affects the assignment of «the wall» structural parameters. The initial filtration coefficient allows improving the accuracy of the calculation of membrane structures.


Margolin V. M. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

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