Review article

Using the properties of vehicles in the conceptof the multi-environment multi-modal quantomobile








The development of the concept of the quantum engine, that uses the energy of physical vacuum, makes it possible to create a new class of vehicles, namely, the quantomobile, designed as a quantum - powered vehicle. The type of quantum vehicles can be versatile, starting from the simplest version (with the ground vehicle driving modes) to the multi-environment multi-modal quantomobile that can function on land, in the air and in water. To work out a hypothetical model of the multi-environment multi-modal quantomobile, it is necessary to use all the heritage of research and development in the sphere of transport engineering. For 10 variants of the multi-environment multi-modal quantomobile movement - from the air quantum helicopter (quantocraft) to a quantum submarine (quantomarine) - there has been made an analysis of the numerical modeling specifics, the use of coordinate systems, the implementation of the traffic of existing transport vehicles that can be reflected in the concept of multi-environment quantomobile. Two extreme methods of modeling are distinguished: 1) the one based on a single family of coordinate systems and a common (end-to-end for all types of environment) motion model; 2) the one based on models by type of motion with possible switching of coordinate systems.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia