Sandan N. T.

The article considers the features of change taking place in the technical condition and reliability of transport-technological mining machines and equipment in conditions of high amplitudes of ambien
UDC: 625.08
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-5-167-173
The article deals with the process of wear caused by external and internal friction, various phases of friction. The inequality in liquid and semi-liquid friction is also given.
UDC: 621.2.082.18
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-3-161-165
The influence of low temperatures on operation of construction and road building machines is considered in the article.
UDC: 656.135:62-973(470.1/2)
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-1-150-153
The article examines the influence of the age of ground transport-technological machines on the failure rate. The distribution of the operating time for the failure of the bulldozer is considered.
UDC: 656.135:62-97
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-3-207-210
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