Sementsov S. V.

The article presents the results of study (on the basis of various sources) of development features of St.
UDC: [711.4.03:711.4-16](470.23-25)”1730/1930”
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-5-26-49
The article considers numerous examples of the origin of the ideas regarding the creating of large scale multi-figured complexes and spatial series of monumental city sculpture devoted to perpetuating
UDC: [711.4.03:711.4-16](470.23-25)”1860/1924”
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-2-37-47
The article deals with the features of town-planning system development of Saint-Petersburg - Petrograd at the end of the XIX century.
UDC: [711.4.03:711.4-16](470.23-25)”1837/1900”
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-6-55-64
Compositional structure of the facades of buildings in Saint Petersburg in the XVIII century features an architectural uniformity regardless of the style solutions, which has contributed to the format
UDC: 72.03(72.04)
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-4-55-60
The article considers the regularities of town-planning development from1900 to the beginning of 1941 of Saint-Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad and its agglomeration.
UDC: [711.4.03:711.4-16](470.23-25)”1917/1941”
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