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Analysis of conditions of technical operation of construction, road maintenance and mining machinery at open development of Odegeldeysky site of Aktal coal deposit








The article discusses the ways of development of the mining industry (open development requiring the involvement of a large number of both mining and road construction machines) in the Republic of Tuva. There is a demand for new power enterprises as well as technical support taking into account the operation features of the technical base of future enterprises. The Aktal coal deposit ("AK-Tal field") is considered, an analysis of geological and climatic conditions of the field, as well as of the influence of conditions of the district on technical operation of the equipment has been made. A new advanced system for the development and introduction of new technologies in production to increase both the efficiency of enterprises and the economic attractiveness of the Republic of Tuva is proposed.


Choodu O. A. Tuvan State University

Mongush S. Ch. Tuvan State University

Evtyukov S. A. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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