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The concept of the analytic model of management in the transport and logistics system as a subsystem of intelligent transport system








The presented concept of the transport and logistics system (TLS) management model is based on the assumption that the TLS and its elements can be created and upgraded using and combining the models of dynamic systems and methods of multi-criteria optimization as integrated dynamic systems. The management of TLS is supposed to generate models of traffic flows taking into account the location of the transport-warehouse complex in the examined or designed system. The other task is to optimize traffic loads according to the specified criteria of effectiveness, produce optimum trajectory of movement of goods using the methods of analytical modeling, and determine the required power of the TLS elements. Application of the dynamic programming method as a method of TLS management optimization allows for simultaneous accounting of values of a significant number of indicators in the extreme problem which is solved replacing the sequential definition of each of them (on a number of criteria), depending on the conditions of the environment of the TLS at a given time. Analytical solution of the multi-criteria problem of TLS management optimization in conjunction with the use of digital technologies allows designing and upgrading the TLS as a subsystem of intelligent transport systems.


Demin V. A. Scientific and educational center of innovative technologies in logistics (MADI)

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