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The constitutive equation for rod structural elements of the building






The paper presents an analytical model of bearing elements of frame buildings in the form of a straigth homogeneous rods. These elements are regarded as rectilinear homogeneous rods. The authors have made assumptions that for cross-section of the rod Bernoulli`s hypotheses are fair, and Young's moduli of elasticity and compression are equal. Analytical formula describing the internal characteristics of rectilinear homogeneous rods and boundary conditions at nodes are defined as the rod constitutive equations. The influence matrix of the initial parameters is determined, namely, the property of the rod, independent of external loads and conditions of the rod fixing. For statics tasks, there have been received analytical expressions for the super-element expressing the state of the rod at any point through displacement of the nodes. The authors propose modeling the building frame on the base of the super-elements method using the principle "one rod - one super-element".


Koval`chuk O. A. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Tamrazyan A. G. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

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