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The mechanism of the vehiclepedestrian collision depending on the vehicle body geometry








The article discusses the issue of determining the speed of the vehicle (V) of M-1 category at the time of collision with a pedestrian depending on the geometry of the vehicle body at a head-on crash. Theoretical studies are presented and confirmed by the experiment proving the dependence of the throw model for frontal vehicle-pedestrian collision on the type of the vehicle body front part geometry. These studies have shown a direct correlation of the pedestrian body throw distance depending on the geometry of the vehicle body. The character of the crash test dummy displacement in the collision culmination stage has allowed calculating the vehicle speed at the time of the accident. The experimental data with the refinement of the angle of the pedestrian-vehicle impact allow estimating the vehicle speed more precisely at the moment of the accident.


Chudakov A. V. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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