Review article

Methodology and algorithms for buildinga telematic automated vehicle movement control system








The article proposes promising trends of research in the field of building automated systems for controlling the movement of transport vehicles (TS) in order to ensure a continuous monitoring and operational control. A method for substantiating technical requirements and assessing the characteristics of measuring instruments for automated control of vehicle movement, an algorithm for determining the optimal values of characteristics of measuring tools and an algorithm for choosing the optimal version of telematic automatic control devices (TASK) for vehicle movement have been developed. The concept of a telematic automated control system for controlling the movement of vehicles (TASU CD TS) is formulated. The presented results make it possible to build the TASU CD of the vehicle based on the optimal choice of TASK movement and the assessment of the effectiveness of their application. Creation of a local telematic automated control system for controlling the movement of the vehicle will effectively manage traffic flows through the implementation of continuous control and monitoring of the vehicle along the entire route of movement, and operational coordination of the interactions of all road users, special services and departments.


Morozov E. V. General of the Army A. V. Khrulev Military Logistics Academy St. Petersburg, Russia

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