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Methodology of assessing the influence of road network parameters and road traffic on the accident rate








The article presents the results of assessing the impact of traffic parameters and characteristics of the road network on the number of road accidents with victims in urban areas. The authors demonstrate the dependence of the number of accidents with victims on various factors, such as the following: intensity and direction of the traffic and pedestrian flows, the number of lanes for vehicles, the use of technical means and schemes for traffic organization, light intensity at the road network, sight distance restrictions of the traffic participants in regard to the accident site, availability of the objects of photo- and video fixation of the driving regulations` violations, and other factors. The basic steps of the method of forecasting the accidents number are described.


Zakharov D. A. Tyumen industrial university

Burakova O. D. Tyumen industrial university

Chistyakov A. N. Tyumen industrial university

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