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Optimization of base-isolated structure designs








The article presents the study results of the problem of selecting the optimal type of the seismic isolation system and its parameters reducing the damage in the structure caused by earthquakes during the structure life-cycle. The proposed system is compared with traditionally used base-isolated seismic retrofit schemes where strengthening of the building is achieved by means of increasing the structural element section profiles of the building. There is used the optimization algorithm based on the analysis of the damage at selecting various seismic retrofit schemes, which can be estimated at any possible life-cycle stage of the building. The author proposes a procedure of evaluating the structural damage caused by earthquake excitation. There has been established a dependence between the structural damage and the financial losses, the values of which are necessary for carrying out the analysis of the project on the proposed optimization algorithm. A practical application example of determining the optimal building seismic retrofit scheme is given.


Ivanov A. Yu. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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