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Software complex "CITRAF" and its application for solving the task of determining the location of transport-transfer hubs








The paper presents a description of using the software complex «CITRAF» for solving the task of the transport and urban management, passenger and traffic flow calculation, and freight traffic flows. The application of the software package as a tool for the implementation of the method of determining the transport hubs location in the structure of the agglomeration is considered. The authors propose using some theoretical regularities of change in the speed of passenger-traffic flow depending on its size and carrying capacity of the considered modes of transport for taking into account the time spent by passengers for transportation, as well as for making a comparison of such dependencies with the empirical ones.


Kalyuzhnyy N. A. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Lisenenkov A. I. Institute for Regional Economics Studies RAS

Losin L. A. Institute for Regional Economics Studies RAS

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