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Structural designs from polymer materials for coverings of buildings and structures subjected to chemically aggressive environment. Part 2. Non-stationary heat transfer


624.011.2, 691.175.5.743






The article considers large-span cross-core spatial designs (CCSD) made of polyvinylchloride pipes for coverings. Cross-core spatial designs (CCSD) of regular cellular structure are widely used in domestic and foreign construction for large-span coverings of buildings and structures for various purposes. A distinctive feature of the CPSS is the multiple repeatability of elementary cells having rectangular, triangular and other shapes formed by the same type of rods. Heat transfer in a spatial core plate for the boundary conditions of the upper and lower belts is considered. A calculation of the distribution of dimensionless temperatures with an illustration is submitted.


Fedosov S. V. Ivanovo State Polytechnic University

Malbiev S. A. RANS

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