Review article

Structure and functioning of the DVRE system («Driver-Vehicle-Road-Environment»)








The article presents the research results dealing with information aspects of the DVRE system («Driver-Vehicle-Road-Environment»). There has been worked out a unified information model of interaction of the driver (D) with other links of the «DVRE» system. The author analyzes the information signals coming to the driver from the controlled vehicle (V), the road (R), the environment (E), and other road traffic participants (RTP). There are constructed channels of information exchange between the links and individual subsystems. The classic DVRE system («Driver-Vehicle-Road-Environment»), taking into account the proposed changes, is regarded by the author as a unified holistic system RTP-V-R-E («Road Traffic Participants-Vehicle -Road-Environment»). Scientific novelty lies in the possibility of analyzing and modeling the information exchange between the driver (D) and other subsystems of the RTP-V-R-E system («Road Traffic Participants-Vehicle-Road-Environment») in order to forecast and prevent road traffic accidents.


Podoprigora N. V. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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