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Substantiation of parametric characteristics of a formalized model of transport demand on streets with irregular traffic








The article examines the problem of determining the intensity of traffic on streets and roads with irregular transport demand, knowledge of which is necessary for the purposes of design, capital repairs, traffic management, and so on. The impossibility of using existing methods for determining the desired characteristic on the studied transport facilities causes the need to develop mathematical devices within the framework of multifactor forecasting using remote monitoring (satellite observation). In the course of studying the changes in traffic intensity, many factors were taken into consideration, among them there was noted a significant influence of urban population density, the capacity of schools and preschool educational institutions, the availability and capacity of shopping areas. The authors present a model for determining the intensity of traffic flows on streets with irregular transport demand.The results obtained enable collecting data on the primary parameters of the traffic flow in the shortest possible time and without a large amount of resource costs.


Babich T. G. Industrial University of Tyumen Tyumen, Russia

Testeshev A. A. Industrial University of Tyumen Tyumen, Russia

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