Repin S. V.

The paper describes the technology of remanufacture of massive tires for pulvimixers, based on the replacement of the traditional elastomer - rubber - with a more perfect polyurethane.
UDC: 69.002.5
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-5-160-166
The article describes the calculation of stability of bulk cargo (sand, gravel) on the working canvas of a steeply inclined conveyor (where the inclination angle exceeds the angle of natural slope of
UDC: 621.867.212.7
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-4-162-166
The article deals with the process of wear caused by external and internal friction, various phases of friction. The inequality in liquid and semi-liquid friction is also given.
UDC: 621.2.082.18
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-3-161-165
The article presents a technique of calculating the optimum tilt angle of the conveyor partitions in regard to the belt of the steeply inclined conveyor, depending on the tilt angle of the belt to the
UDC: 621.867.212.7
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-1-141-145
The article presents the research results of the Department of land transport-technological machines of the St.
UDC: 69.002.5
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-4-188-193
The main direction of the structural evolution of the mixing equipment is focused on increasing the intensity and effectiveness of mixing processes.
UDC: 625.85.08
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-3-194-199
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