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Methodology for substantiating the design parameters of a single-tube hydropneumatic shock absorber








The article describes the developed methodology for calculating the parameters of a single-tube hydropneumatic shock absorber. The calculation procedure is presented including calculating the volume of the gas filling cavity, calculating the parameters of the gas and the working fluid, determining the energy intensity of the shock absorber, checking the possibility of cavitation in the operating modes, as well as calculating the strength of the shock absorber parts.. A comparative analysis results of the calculated characteristics and the experimental characteristics of the hydropneumatic shock absorber are presented, the absorber having been produced according to the obtained design parameters. Based on the analysis, recommendations are given to increase the running smoothness of the car by replacing the standard hydraulic shock absorbers with hydropneumatic ones, taking into account the selection of the throughput of the discharge valves.


Voytko A. M. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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