Molotkova E. G.

The need to analyze the features of the intra-quarter environment as an object of both artistic and material culture is emphasized.
UDC: 725.643
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-5-14-25
It is pointed out that over recent years, there has been actively pursued the search for additional territory resources intended for becoming the basis for further urban development of the city center
UDC: 725.643
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2018-15-3-15-29
The article raises issues related to the attempts to extend the practice of painting fire walls in Saint-Petersburg.
UDC: 725.643
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-6-25-37
The article makes the point that specialists as well as the general public are dissatisfied with the artistic and imaginative characteristics of highways and residential development in the new distric
UDC: 725.643
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2017-14-4-26-36
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